Friday, September 5, 2014

JusticefactorX Has Expanded 916.877.5297 Sacto/Roseville/Solano County

JusticefactorX document processing has expanded to serve more clients, and is now working with small business clients or former business owners that find themselves having to engage in lawsuits.

Cases involving litigation which is ongoing is often difficult because either a new attorney must be found, or the same attorney must be paid. In some of these cases an attorney will not have to appear in the case until the CMC (case management) hearing has been held. In more complex cases it is wise to have an attorney at the CMC just in case there are problems. JusticefactorX has done many documents involving discovery issues, production requests, special rogs, or opposing too many special rogs. In addition, law and motion hearing documents and legal case research may come up which could require specific code applications. If you have issues that you are not sure about related to the local rules of your county, which could affect your case, let us know.

We are now servicing Northern California including Roseville (Santucci Courthouse)/Auburn
Sacramento (all courts)  Butte (all courts)  Shasta (all courts, including criminal/civil)

Sacramento/Roseville 916 877 5297

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